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the best dream EVARRRRR!!!!!

hello everyone on my f-list!! its like 3 am right now but i definately wanted to post about the most amazing dream i had because i totally never wanna forget it!

its about satoshi and nino (from arashi DUH!) and has me and ruri-chan ([info]genuyn) in it in it:D so if u guys dont like ohmiya then u prolly wont wanna read it XD just incase i put it under a cut

I had this dream a few nights ago...the dream started with Ruri-chan, Nino and I in what appeared to just be a really open building XD lol. i think it was in odaiba... i think... im not positive tho...

i dont really know what the building was tho. it was a really huge building that had a long walkway/path area attached. it was all indoors and the walls/floors/ceiling was all white. (i keep asking myself i wonder if such a place really exists in japan... i will get into more details as to what this building looked like)

there were other people in the building as well... not that many but some... they were just walking in and out normally. nino was kinda being mine and ruri's "escort" or tour guide XD rofl he was kinda like talking a little bit about the building XDD but i forget what he said ROFL (but in reality he was TOTALLY just stalling for time XDD)

it was sorta a double date that me and ruri were on... except that satoshi wasnt there ROFL!!! nino kept saying that satoshi would join us very shortly and that he had something very important to do. i kinda didnt like it but there wasnt anything i could do lol

we were walking really slowly though lol there was this really long pathway/walkway thingy that was apparently called a catwalk!! LOL this i definately remember nino saying!! XDDD so me and ruri were both like "oooookay o_O" LOL finally after a little while nino was like "oh yea!! i have something to show u both:D lets go!!" and he grabbed ruri-chans hand (OMGGG RURI-CHAN!! FANGIRL MOMENT!! DHDASHDJASHDJASDH) and ruri-chan was like "EHHHH" so she grabbed my hand too and pulled me along also XDDD haha when we stopped running we were at this huge window area thingy... from there we could see the beach and the sun was setting... it was SOOOOO gorgeous!! there was a cliff edge kinda thingy also and the ocean was there too and the setting sun was soooo pretty!!! the sun was really bright so i couldnt really see anything actually on the beach area but i knew it was the beach

to our right there was a huge glass elevator!! ^^ it was so pretty too!! ruri and i were both so amazed and all we kept saying was "kireiiiiiiii~~~~" and nino was all smiling a lot like "deshou?:D:D:D" and then i was like "i wish satoshi could see this!! :(" and looked at nino and he giggled and smiled and looked out the window without saying anything and then i kinda like glanced out the window and looked at the beach i saw satoshi standing there!! and in the sand there was a message that said "kekkon shite kudasai nabby<3" (please marry me) and then as soon as the elevator stopped i got out and ran to him and he lifted me up in his arms and OF COURSE i said yes!! he hugged and kissed me and we were both really smiling a lot!! and then he put a ring on my finger!!  and i kissed him again. (OMFGGGGG I GOT TO KISS SATOSHI IN MY DREAMS!!! *DEAD* X__________________X) i looked at nino and ruri and nino had his arm around ruri's shoulder and they both looked at each other and at us and smiled a lot and we all started laughing and then he grabbed my hand and we just started walking along the beach and nino grabbed ruri's hand and they were walking right beside us and nino and satoshi hi-5-ed each other and shook hands LOL (omg i had ohmiya moments in my dream too LOLLL) and then after that i kinda just slowly woke up...

but OMGGGGGG WHAT AN AMAZING DREAM!!!!!!!!!! I WISH I REALLY DIDNT HAVE TO WAKE UP!!!!!! *_______________________* I GOT TO KISS SATOSHI AND HAVE HIM PROPOSE TO ME!!!!! WHY WAS IT NOT REAL!!!! like for realz!! oh man ive been watching too many dramas!! or too much hyd!! this is like sumthin pruely outta drama!! i think if it happened in real life i would faint XDDD hahahahaha thats it for now im totally hyper and im listening to niji by nino over and over so i may even end up having sum random dream tonight too LOOOLLLL!! i told ruri on msn that maybe i would dream about her and nino getting engaged next XDDD LMAO!!! but anyways... that took WAAAAAYYYYY too long to type out so its noe 50 minutes later!! 3:50 am LOL time for me to attempt to go to bed and have awesome fangirly dreams again LOL oyasumi to everyone on my f-list and may u all have je filled dreams also cuz theyre too awesome
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