June 4th, 2008

arashi ongaku no hi

another selling post

hello, i'm back with a few items to sell now:P this time the KAT-TUN fans might find something they like^.^ I'm in need for money because i'm going to Japan and I need money, plus I need to make room for some new stuff so I thought some KAT-TUN fans would appreciate these items more than me.

all the items are used but in perfect mint condition ^___^ prices are in usd and do not include shipping (shipping varies depending on where you live) prices are slightly negotiable if you really want the item. I live in Canada so that is where the items will be shipped from.

1) KAT-TUN Real Face REGULAR Edition Single - $12

2) KAT-TUN Yorokobi no Uta LIMITED Edition w/ DVD - RARE - SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE - $22

3) KAT-TUN Keep the Faith LIMITED Edition w/ DVD (Making of) - $25 (I actually bought this for 28 bucks when i bought it)

4) Jin Countdown 2007-2008 Uchiwa - $22

5) Kame Countdown 2007-2008 Uchiwa - $22

payment methods I accept are: Paypal, concealed cash (at your own risk) and cheque (at your own risk), if you want to pay by something else then let me know and we can figure something out

if more than 1 person is interested in the item it will go to the highest bidder like in an auction.

if you want to see pictures let me know and i can take some for you.

if you're interested please fill out the following form and post here or email it to me at clow_mistress99@hotmail.com:

LJ User Name:
Payment Method:
Any Questions?:

thank you for looking^^

also just a reminder that im selling johnny's t-shirts in my lj, follow the link:

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