June 22nd, 2009

arashi ongaku no hi


Hello everyone, I am in need of money again so here’s a NEW hot product that I just want to test out first, but I am custom making Johnnys PILLOWS!!! Have you ever wanted to sleep with your favourite Johnny’s member or group?:D well now’s your chance!! Pillows will all be HAND SEWN by me!! You can customize the pillow yourself by choosing the COLOUR and PICTURE on the pillow!! All pillows will be 12” by 12”. These will be done on a first come first serve basis.  After ordering the pillow please be expected to wait around 1 week maximum or less before the pillow is complete. The pillows will be JUST the case of the pillow (with a zipper attached) and you will have to stuff the pillow yourself because it will be much easier to ship without it stuffed.  Each pillow will cost 20 USD.


I am shipping from Canada.  Price is in USD and does not include shipping. Shipping varies from country to country. I am currently only accepting paypal, but exceptions can be made.


Questions? Comment here or email me at clow_mistress99@hotmail.com


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Thank you for looking^^