September 14th, 2014

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HAPPY 5X15 DAY TO ALL!!!!!!!!

hey guys.... its been forever since I posted.... I wasnt really planning on posting today but since today is a very special day, i figured I might as well make a pic spam post like the good 'ol times when i was crazy active on lj ahaha

so first of all.... to start, its arashi's 15th anniversary in japan today. 15 years... THATS A LONGGGG TIME!!!! and i finally get my chance to see them in concert now. arashi blast in hawaii..... i will be there for both days seeing my babies finally after 10 years of being a fan!!!

last year my friend and i went to japan and we couldnt get tickets to arafes so we sat outside kokuritsu trying desperately to listen to their songs.... the audio was much lower than expected so we had to be very silent in order to hear them...... it was the most depressing feeling ever.... knowing they were so close but i still couldnt see them!!

i really really thought at that point i would never get to see them because japan is EXPENSIVEEEEE and they are too popular there to get tickets... i cried twice during the con.... take me faraway and 5x10.... it was really depressing.... but my friend told me "dont worry.... you'll get to see them! i know you will! dont give up hope!!"

then when they announced they were doing arashi blast in hawaii i got super hyper but also sad again because it was originally for japanese fans only.... then like the 2nd week of august (only about a month before the concert) a certain article was published stating that ticketmaster was going to be selling tickets to north american fans... THERE WAS HOPE!!!!! I told my parents if i got tickets im going to hawaii..... then on saturday afternoon my friends and i were literally stalking ticketmaster and i was refreshing every 5 seconds and we FINALLY got tickets.... it was actually a lot easier than i thought

i was fangirling sooooooooo hard!!! uncontrollably!!! in the middle of work. i told my manager "ill be right back" and i ran outside and screamed really loudly!!! it was amazinggggg!!!! i called my mom and screamed at her too!! i couldnt believe i got tickets to see arashi..... after 10 years.... after 10 years of watching them from behind a screen.... 10 years of buying their merchandise.... their dvds, their albums, their singles...... 10 years!!! im finally going to see hasnt computed in my brain yet..... i still cant believe im going to see them.... and you know what??? the concert is in 5 DAYS..... in 5 DAYYSSSSSSSSS I AM GOING TO SEE ARASHI!!!!!!! and in 4 days i am going to be in hawaii!!! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLEEEEE!!!!! WHAT IS LIFE!!!!!! I CANT EVEN GUYS!!! LIKE...... FOR REALZ!!!!!

i started my uchiwas too..... 1 of them is fully done.... when theyre all done though i'll post pictures here to show you guys (that is if anyone still even reads my entries XD ahah... i still love you guys LOL) ive still got 3 more to go D: i have 4 days to finish them D: yabai!!!!

but anyway, this post is supposed to be about arashi's 15th anniversary so i'll start the picspam under the cut to avoid spammage

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thanks for reading guys!! ill try to update more about the con before and definitely after too <3